Lek the Avenger!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Style Sheet 1: Tech Details

Artists and Artistes:

The style depicted above, heavy on the PhotoShop or FreeHand, is also acceptable for your Contest submissions. There are no limits on the number of Lek, the Avenger entries you may submit.

Entries are to be attached to an email containing:
Your Name (so we can credit your work if used in publication)
Snail-mail address
email address
phone/fax optional

Attached graphics are to be no larger that 400 pixels in ANY direction.
Attached graphics are to be in jpg or gif format ONLY. (No bmp, tif or other formats, puhleeze!)

Remember to read "Lek, the Avenger: Backstory" on this blog, to get clues, tips and hints about Lek and her dressing style.

Lek is of Thai or Lao-Thai racial derivation, but feel free to depict her as Eurasian, Afrasian, red-headed, blond, afro... whatever turns you on!

A sexy drawing is much more apt to win than some anatomically accurate, sterile, cold depiction of Lek as corpse or freckled, wart-spattered, blowzy-haired scag!


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