Lek the Avenger!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Contest? Contest! Big Idea, Rules, etc!

Contest! Contest! Contest!

We're looking for drawings of Lek, the Avenger to help illustrate the upcoming book of the same name.

YOU are invited to:
+read "Lek, the Avenger" backstory below, and
+draw YOUR vision of this sexy, powerful super-heroine

When you have an image or three, send them in, after reading the Tech Details below. If you can't do pen-and-ink style, or FreeHand, or PhotoShop, or any other fully digital form, you may draw with pens, pencils, felt-tip, chalk, paint or any other medium you choose, and submit your entries to this blog, by emailing to:

karridine-at-gmail.com with "Lek" in the Subject line.

If your entry is chosen for inclusion, you'll receive a CASH Prize and your attributed artwork will be published in the finished book!

Some of the Cash Prizes will be $500, others less. We're working out the details yet, as we want to REWARD all sexy-graphics-artists for their work, one way or another.

You'll retain copyright to your work, and we'll publish under the strictures of Creative Commons Licensing.

This should be fun, and rewarding. Trust Lek, she'll avenge you if we don't treat you right!

So tell all the artists, sketchers, scribblers and doodlers you know, and let them join the fun!



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